Pursuer of Excellence, Boydian Strategist, Experience Economist, Value Pricing Advocate, Black Knight, golfer, hockey player, Flyers fan

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"Introducing first, the challenger "

"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." — Peter F. Drucker

My name is Lauri and I'm a Digital Business Craftsman, a professional working on building new digital services and experiences for businesses.

Professionally, my passion is in exploring how a business can thrive indefinitely by expanding its offerings with new services and experiences.

The pursuit of Excellence is my ultimate goal, both in business and personal life. I am a devoted follower and student of Tom Peters, John R. Boyd and Bruce Lee.

I'm fascinated by all the new ideas. I strive to stay curious, to be inspired by different things and ideas. I read a lot of odd stuff, per Kevin Roberts' credo.

I have an interest in macroeconomics, monetary policy, precious metals, and geopolitics. Trying to make some sense of the world somehow fascinates me.

Finally, I'm a passionate hockey player, an avid golfer and a passionate Flyers fan.


Lauri is definitely the sharpest business man I've had the pleasure of working with. His insight, knowledge-base and attitude towards work are admirable. Working with Lauri is both joyful and efficient. He is a true entrepreneur.

Lauri Ahonen

Lauri is best described as having the most extraordinary can-do attitude towards every single challenge he's facing. He always seems to come up with elegant solutions to most complex problems and he has the ability to make things run very smoothly. He also has a very easygoing and nice personality so working with him has always been fun.

Kurre Ståhlberg

A very versatile professional. No matter what kind of technical problem you might have – I’m sure Lauri will find a way around it. And he’ll even do it with a smile on his face! I have really enjoyed working with him.

Antti Akonniemi

Olemme aika ajoin hyödyntäneet Laurin asiantuntemusta arvioidessamme erilaisten uusien business-ideoiden toimivuutta teknisestä perspektiivistä. Laurin mielipiteisiin voi luottaa; hänellä on kokemusta, näkemystä ja visioita tavoista, joilla kohti tavoitteita voi kurkottaa. Suosittelen Lauria mihin tahansa vaativaan, uutta liiketoimintaa luovaan toteutukseen.

Timo Hakkarainen

I enjoyed working with Lauri and the Kisko team. They helped me in shaping my new business concept and gave me several practical and useful advices about how to start my business.

Rob Moonen

[I have] known Lauri from very beginning of his career [and] been amazed of the skills to adopt the smallest piece of data and complete it to practical knowledge. Enormous memory, high social skills and talent makes him worth of consideration as a challenger but more over as a partner. I can recommend him with pleasure.

Mikael Mätäsaho